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REmote psychotherapy

Girl Relaxing

Utilizing traditional talk therapy as well as incorporating mindfulness practices to help us navigate harder mental health symptoms. Breath is a way to connect our mind and body. Using our breath is a way to safely release trauma while bringing to light internal awareness. We can focus on our breath during a remote session where we can delve deeper into issues and give instruction to let go. 



Woman Walking in Forest

Immersing ourselves into nature will allow us to experience mindfulness. As we utilize all our senses to allow us to focus on the task at hand, one foot in front of the other, we can talk openly and freely. This experience is on local trails creating an experiential approach to everyday therapy! (Jacksonville, Fl)


Women group

On a Video Call

Remote group for women to feel emotionally and mentally supported during life stressors. This group is designed to lift women up and help them understand our patterns of behavior to adjust to life.


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