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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

While talk therapy has been a tradition for quite some time, it can sometimes feel a bit too formal! When engaging in physical activity, you tend to focus on the task at hand, putting one foot in front of the other. By incorporating healthy physical activity into a therapy session it helps ease the pressure of traditional talk therapy in an office setting.

We can also use this technique to take a look into metaphors. When we are literally moving forward - we can leave the past behind learning from any trip-ups we may have had. This can also help reinforce healthy coping skills! If you feel stressed out, why not take a walk? It will reduce your uncomfortable feelings. Once we make this a routine, it will be easier to replace the not-so-healthy coping skills we may have and replace it with walking.

This therapeutic technique is also beneficial for staying in the present moment! Mindfulness sounds like it is hard to do but by being immersed in nature, we can use our senses to stay mindful of the here and now. How many birds do you hear in the distance? Are there any distinct smells? Can you feel your feet on the ground? Can you see any wild life? These are the things we can do on a daily basis and somehow it is easier in nature to let go of everyday life, to keep in mind that we are at one with ourselves and the world around us.

Walking while talking will in turn increase energy, promote clear thought process and confidence, decrease our mental health symptoms and reinforce walking as a behavior to use when feeling overwhelmed by life stress!

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