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‘Tis the Season

To be stressed? To have all the issues of the entire year to come crashing to a head? December seems to be the time of year where we try really hard to make the end of the new year about our loved ones. When we were kids, it was all about enjoying the moment. Now can seem like it is all about gifts on top of bills on top of the real life drama called, life!

We are at the end of the year and I’m here to tell you, that you can make it through anything! Think about your darkest time of life, and how that light continued to shine. Maybe it was only the slightest of light but light none the less. Keep your eye on the light. Manifest your way through whatever you may be going through. Somehow, this drama, called life, gets us sucked into our egos. We start to think everything is working against us, when we simply need to change just one word in that thought: life is working WITH me.

The idea of cognitive behavior therapy is simple. Thoughts > create emotions > in which create behaviors. My thoughts are my reality, my reality is my thoughts. Start to track positive feelings or moments that you have throughout the day. Writing down positives allows our selves to become more aware of all of the good! If we switch the behavior > changes feelings > changes thoughts. Writing down the positive will allow ourselves to feel and think better about our day!

It seems simple, and it really is! Change can seems overwhelming and difficult, but when we break it down to changing one behavior, life will start working with us in incredible ways!!

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