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Mind Body Soul

When one aspect of our life is out of balance, it can manifest in different ways. Sometimes we get so caught up in the chaos of life that we lose touch with ourselves. Sickness can creep in, we can feel lost, we can feel down. Aligning our mind, body & soul allows the suffering to dissipate. This is not easy to do! We are all humans with a million different outside influences that distract us from living as our authentic selves. When we do the work and finally arrive to balance, it is worth every moment leading up.

It takes time and patience to arrive a the level of awareness to balance mind body and soul, & everyone's path is different!

Our mind is actively looking for distractions, what if we use this to our advantage? Taking things that we love to do and practicing them everyday. That one hobby that we have always known we had a secret passion for but have never tried....what are we so fearful of? If there is an aspect of our life that is not serving us and our higher purpose, change it! What if you fail, but what if you succeed, and ultimately neither really are important it is the journey of following our righteous path.

We always tend to say "well I don't know because...(insert excuse here)" what we do not realize is that these thoughts in and of themselves are holding us back from achieving what we truly desire.

Our bodies are telling us a story everyday. When we are utilizing our self care routines we start to feel lethargic and that lethargy can lead us to more exhaustion. When we have a basic self care routine of maintaining our bodies in a healthy way we have more energy, our aches start to dissipate. This helps us feel more at ease with ourselves because we are not focused on the physical pain that we are experiencing.

Our souls need comfort as well, and yes, mind, body and soul are all intertwined. When the mind and body is happy, our souls start to feel a little more at ease as well. We can internally focus on our higher selves. Creating a spiritual space, whatever that looks like to you. Trusting the process of life because although hard at times, it always seems to turn out okay. Spirituality does not have to mean religion or god, it is being in touch with our inner selves. Knowing what motivates us to become our best version of us.

When we experience that balance, that is what we will crave. Listening to our mind body and soul. Making sure we are taking care of them the best way we know how. Being in tune with our own unique signs and symptoms that something is out of whack. Understanding that everyone is different and takes care of themselves in different ways. One basic self care technique for one person could be as simple as saying the word "no" when they are feeling overwhelmed. Another persons self care could be singing in the shower visualizing all the negative energy going down the drain with the water. Whatever the case may be, find your individual way of self care.

We are all unique in our own ways. Find what works for you!!

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