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Light Within the Darkness

Sometimes in our everyday life, it can be easier to turn to our negative self thought, see the bad things that happened to us through out the days, weeks, years, to hold animosity in our hearts towards those who have hurt us. The negative can look as though it outweighs the positive. When in fact, the positive may out way the negative. It all is a matter of perspective. We can look at these things that have happened and think the odds are against us or we can say how did this turn out in my favor. Of course negative self talk does come in from time to time but we do not have to give that thought power. This is not easy and does not happen over night especially when we have had our entire life of a certain way of living and a certain way of thinking! When we change behavior, we can change thought, and then from there change our emotions behind it all. Putting a positive spin on the events that can bring us down, saying well this was horrible but look at how much stronger I became is a simple way to change that thought process and bring us back to some good came out of this.

All the trauma and hardship that we have ever been through, the loss, the hurt, the suffering. We fall victim to it because it is hurtful and it is hard to do the work to heal from it. What you do with it in the end that matters. We may say I do not want this to happen to other people so I will volunteer my time serving the community and others to ensure that something I do will help. Or it has given us a complete different world view that we are strong, we survived this horrific event and we are still here! It can be as simple as having more empathy towards people that survived similar circumstances.

Going through horrible things does not have to define us, it can help us become a better version of ourselves. Good and bad can simultaneously exist but the positivity overpowers the negative. We cannot know light if we haven't seen the dark but darkness cannot survive in the light. We give the power to the positivity and allow it to manifest in our everyday endeavors creating a shift in our awareness.

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