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Invest in yourself

How do you take care of yourself? Self care can look like many different things. It does not have to be limited to the basics. Figure out what you have always wanted to do or something you tried once, you loved, but you have not gotten back to it. Sometimes life gets too busy. Sometimes we are busy taking care of other people instead of ourselves. Sometimes we just lose sight of what we truly need! What can you do to incorporate different things so you can feel more at peace? What can we do to feel more whole? Follow the guide below to make sure you are investing in YOU!

Spiritual self care: What brings you a sense of peace? When do you feel most connected? Spirituality can mean different things to different people. It can be a creative outlet, feeling connected in nature, prayer, meditation, giving back to others. Brainstorm ways that you feel most connected with yourself or your higher power. If you do not feel connected, look at yourself in the future 10-20 years down the line. How do you see yourself? Where are you? How do you feel? Imagine you now meeting your future self, ask them for guidance for connection and see if you can gain some insight!

Emotional self care: How are you feeling? Have you checked in with yourself emotionally recently or are you avoiding these feelings? Do you feel lonely? Angry? Irritable? Filled with joy? Are there any tense spots in your body? If so what is being held there? Allow yourself to FEEL these emotions for a few minutes. Ask yourself if you can sit in these feelings for a little bit without judgment. Then nurture those emotions. Lonely? Call a support. Angry? Exert some energy and find out what is underlying that anger! Sad? Cry it out. Natural release of emotions are natural and needed!

Mental self care: How do you feel about yourself? Do you struggle with negative self-talk? Do you feel worthy of living a good life? A simple step to flipping a negative self perspective into positive writing down or saying out loud 3 positive things a day. This small shift if done days in a row can help our internal shift and allow us to focus on the amazing things about ourselves. Imagine a person that cares about you, what would they say about you?

Physical self care: How do you physically feel? What have you been ingesting? Does it make you feel good? How are you sleeping? Too much? Too little? Are you engaging in any physical activities? How are you breathing? Is your breath shallow? There any many different ways we can make sure we are taking care of our physical bodies! If you struggle with moving your body, find something that interests you! Join a class for scuba diving, paddle boarding, something that you have always wanted to try. Get creative with budgeting, or find something free in nature! Go for a hike and make it a place with a great view at the top! Trouble with sleep? Plan out a routine to get yourself adjusted, it may take a few days but you will get there!

Click the photo & take the quiz to find out what you need!

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