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In the Moment

Moment to moment we can sometimes get lost on the end goal and we forget about the now. Take a deep breath and realize that right now is all that we have, make it count! We can always strive to be better and it is good to have goals! Our end goal may be in the back of our mind but it is all of the hard work you are doing presently that actually matters. Take the steps and use your full self to be here now working towards whatever you want to see.

If we allow our selves to live moment to moment, we allow ourselves to be flexible with what may change within our selves or our environment. Knowing that at any moment things may change and our end goal may be either steered off course, or we change our goal all together!

Allow yourself to trust that this moment will bring you to where you need to be. If a thought of self doubt or worry creeps in, let it pass! our thoughts are ever changing, no need to place a judgment on it. Forgive yourself for the thought and let it go. Focus on the beauty and magic in this moment.

Set your intention, letting it go to the universe, then take life moment to moment. We can predict that tomorrow can be similar to today but we are unsure of what the next moment may bring!

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