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Happy New Year 🎉

This is a beginning of another great year, 2019! We made it through 2018. I’ve been seeing a lot of negative relfections of this past year, and I thought while at times it was shitty, emotional, or just flat out lonely, there were some really amazing moments in 2018 and plenty of them! 😊

This shows us how to look back on your Year in a positive light. While we don’t want to minimize the horrible pain or loss, we want to keep in mind that it was not all bad. Reflect on the year and if you have a negative memory and emotion towards that memory, see if you can turn it into a New Years resolution! I know there are plenty of things I can still work on for myself, self care being one of them.

Sit at your desk with a journal. Write down your personal successes from 2018 and then things you’d like to see improve in 2019. This will help you bring in the new year with intention. If there was anything that you really need to leave behind in 2018, you can always write it down and burn it (safely of course) maybe in an outdoor fire pit! This way you can cathartically let it go.

Set an awareness as you reflect the past year. You have been through so much, and here you are! Still standing, beautifully, as we bring in the new year.

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