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Fulfilling you!

Are you feeling unfulfilled with your career? Burnt out? Exhausted? Take a moment to see what aspects of your job do fulfill you. Is it your amazing team of people? Do you fulfill your problems solving skills? Are you able to help others? Pick out the great things about your job and then focus on what aspects of yourself are not being fulfilled. After you dissect and figure out what you are missing, start incorporating different things that will fulfill the other parts of yourself!

If your career has you on a computer for most of the day with little interaction with people, find your social connectedness in other ways! Join a separate community, like faith based or volunteering. Start your own fundraiser or food drive if helping others brings you joy. If you are surrounded by people all day but you are an introvert, find time to balance your alone time to heal within. Start a meditation daily or put on a yoga video from YouTube and do some yoga in the comfort of your own home.

Yes, it is nice when careers align with our purpose and fulfill us to some degree but if they are lacking, find other ways to fulfill yourself outside of work! Take some time to find your intrinsic motivation. If you are unsure of what brings you joy, start trying new things until you find it.

Do not get me wrong, I know it is difficult to start the process of finding our intrinsic motivation to fulfill all aspects of our selves. My career is what I always wanted but I still found myself becoming exhausted easily. Watching shows too much, scrolling through Instagram too much. I blamed it on hitting a brick wall of exhaustion after finishing school. Days turned to months and still the exhaustion stayed with me. I thought, well I could be taking better care of my physical health and mental health. I deleted my social media apps, limited my phone usage, and cut out all alcohol. I do not practice in a 12 step program but I felt as though the holiday season is one where alcohol is involved a lot and it was not benefiting me. I would feel extra congested in the mornings. So I decided to consciously cut out alcohol and monitor the days that I go without! A week in I am feeling more productive and fulfilled within my career and my home life. I started to take the time to help others more, play more, create more, fulfill mind body and soul throughout the day as opposed to depleting myself with mindlessness.

When you are only half filled, you tend to feel more exhausted and rely on the things that are keeping you that way, maybe out of convenience or the ease of doing nothing, and sometimes we need that but sometimes it is holding us back from filling our selves.

Follow your intuition, it will take you to where you need to be. If that little voice in the back of your head is telling you to cut down, increase, limit, listen! It is there for a reason. Then start your process of finding your real joy.

Love and light <3

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