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Finding your Purpose

Life steers us in different directions and sometimes we are unsure of our end goal. That is okay! A lot of people have not quite found their purpose, or they think they have and then it changes, and that is okay too! We are all multifaceted human beings, sometimes we can incorporate more than one purpose in our lives. Sometimes it is known in our heart that we have one specific purpose!

Take an internal look at what you love to do. What you are good at? Is it enjoyable to you? Will it bring bring something to your community? Do you feel drawn to something you've never tried before? Try something that you always have thought would be fun but you never got around to it. Figure out what is holding you back. If you are not great but it brings you great joy, why not incorporate it into your everyday somehow?

Share your interests with a supportive friend. Getting the support to move forward with our dreams is part of the fear. When we become vulnerable and share something we have not expressed to anyone, we internally start the process of overcoming fear.

Sometimes we learn what we love to do by figuring out what we do not like to do first. When we start out on our path, we are guided partly by environmental sources, partly by internal sources. When we are following our righteous path, things will flow fairly easily. When we are not on the right path, it will feel like we are swimming up stream. On our righteous path we will still have to overcome obstacles and road blocks but the answers to overcoming will already be with you. Taking the signs that you see around you and feeling in your heart and soul that you are on the path to your purpose.

Take a minute. Think about what gives you purpose. What helps you feel good and in turn helps the community in some way shape or form. Write your interests down, the positive emotions that you feel while doing these things. Try to incorporate them into your daily or weekly routine. It is important that we tend to our souls desire to feel joy and be present with our selves. When we incorporate what helps us feel fulfilled, we become vitalized with more energy, helping us cope with different stressors that may come up in our lives.

Is anything holding you back from your why? If so, write that down too. Try to find creative ways to overcome these barriers. No funds? Use your network, your skills and resources to find alternative ways to come up with a plan to make your income work and be exciting. No support? Get out there and volunteer, make connections and see how you can change peoples lives just by connecting. Too much anxiety? Take a deep breath, everything is going to be okay jump right into the unknown!

Everything in our life has brought us to this moment. There are a million more moments to come. Allow this moment to guide you to your higher purpose.


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