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Fighting fatigue

Anyone have extra energy to spare these days? If you do, you may be the minority. Going into a second wave of the pandemic right before the holidays is going to be a challenge. Especially for those of us who have not seen family since last Thanksgiving! You are not alone in feelings of isolation and loneliness. We are all tired of pretending to be okay during this challenging and unique time in history. Turning to our healthy habits may be put towards the back burner while we get the ”screw it” attitude and turn to some not-so-healthy habits. Our previous post of staying mindful in nature is a great way to practice mindfulness and keep our spirits up, but since we are heading into winter and the sun is setting earlier and earlier, we need something to maintain some sort of sanity, and energy! Yes, we can all cave in and have ”screw it” day, indulging in that second donut but ultimately, will that help us feel better? Probably not. So pull up those boot straps and treat yourself in a different way. There are so many thing we cannot control these days. Information is flying in from all directions and it is hard to refrain from getting caught up in the noise and get lost in the things we cannot control. We cannot control other people, we cannot control COVID-19 and its regulations, financial obligations etc. Let’s think about what we can control. This will allow ourselves to feel like we have some semblance of control in a life. We may feel otherwise, because lets face it, we can feel OUT of control at moments, and that is okay!

What do we have control over? Start brain storming, think about the things we do not have control over, things we have some control over, and the things we have most control over! You may realize that we have more control than we realize. Doing this will allow you to feel empowered! Gaining the control back will leave you feeling reinvigorated, having a renewed sense of self!

Take a look at the list provided by Whole Hearted School Counseling to help you brainstorm!

Download • 110KB

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