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Feeling is Healing

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Feelings can be tricky. We all have experienced some sort of pain and suffering in this life. These thoughts, feeling and experiences have, in some capacity, made us who we are today. Sometimes within us is a fear of confronting feelings of pain or uncomfortability. We tend to experience a glimpse of the uncomfortable and push those feeling away with different things. Sometimes we use healthy coping strategies and sometimes we may use unhealthy things that we have picked up and kept with us from childhood. What we do not realize is that when we push our feelings down, it prologues the healing process. Your mind and body says "I will save this for later, it is too hard right now". We are not allowing ourselves to feel. We can see this be played out in a cultural and societal context as well. Individuals are conditioned to learn this process. People are taught that expressing our feelings is a sign of weakness, when in reality it signals that you are human! Feeling emotions is totally normal and natural response to the overwhelming circumstances that you have experienced throughout your life.

Steps to healing your feelings!

1. When you feel something uncomfortable come up, sit with it for a moment.

2. Write down what your feeling and reasons behind that feeling.

3. Show compassion to yourself, write to yourself, "I am human. It is normal and natural to have an emotional response to hard situations."

4. Write down what lessons you have learned.

5. Keep this in mind anytime you have an uncomfortable feeling come into your mind. Allow yourself a moment to feel and know that you can feel it and release it.

These steps will do a few different things for you. It will allow you to bring awareness to your feelings when we otherwise may not be. It will start your journey of healing and growth. It will allow you to teach compassion to yourself. It will also help you realize some positive things that may have happened as a result and start to rewire your brain for the next time you experience an uncomfortable thought. Kindness and compassion go a long way especially with yourself :)

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