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Catch a Wave

Learning to surf taught me a great lesson of life. When we have any doubt or fear, we will miss the moment to catch the wave, or we lose balance and fall. The greatest surfers get to surf those huge waves because they believe in themselves and they are fearless.

Self doubt is normal! We question if our goals are even possible. The power of our thoughts is what truly gets us to our end goal. If our goal is to be the best version of ourselves, we strive to get there. Of course this takes hard work and dedication. Focus on the end goal and do the work to achieve what it is your heart is pulling you towards.

Sometimes we need to fail in order to learn, and this is okay! Learning is a part of life. Self-doubt & fear can hold us back from putting our energy towards what we truly want. We may have outside influences telling us we cannot get there, but if we believe in ourselves and picture our end goal working, we can and will achieve it!

Vision boards work because they help us visualize our goal. Take some old magazines laying around and cut out images that apply to what you want in life, relationships, career, glue them to a poster board and put the finished product on the wall in front of your bed! That way you will see it every morning as you arise, setting your intention for the day to work towards your goals.

Keep your thoughts on accomplishing your goals. When you hit a road block, use your tools to get around it. Get back up, catch a wave, and ride it all the way to shore.

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