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12 Steps to Fight Cabin Fever

1. Get ready for the day with your normal routine

This might sound simple enough, but it makes us feel more motivated to complete some tasks throughout the day if we are up and at ‘em!

2. Go with the flow!

This can be a time to practice acceptance. There are some things in life that we cannot control. Take it one moment at a time!

3. Mindfulness

Practice being mindfully present with a song, a feeling, something you see, or a spiritual practice.

4. Practice self-compassion & positive self-talk

We can be too hard on ourselves! You are doing a great job. Take this time to practice flipping negative thoughts into positives.

5. Show gratitude

Try to find three things a day that you are grateful for.

6. Stay connected spiritually

Whatever you believe in, find a way to connect with your higher self! This could be exploring nature, meditation, or prayer.

7. Stay connected socially

Use your social support system and stay connected virtually! Video chat, call, or message at least one person a day. You can always find a free support group online or get connected with a counselor to talk through stressors.

8. Move your body

Move your body at least 20 minutes a day in any way that you prefer. Open the shades, turn on some music and dance! 😊

9. Get outside

This is the perfect time to connect with nature. Plant a garden, go for a hike, or walk your pet. Just be sure to practice social distancing while out and about.

10. Reflect

This can be a perfect time to reflect internally or even start writing!

11. Get creative

Start those art projects you’ve always been interested in but never got the chance to do. Get the paints out and see what happens!

12. Help others

We are not alone through this and others are struggling too. Make some cards to send to your local nursing home. Ask your neighbors if they need any assistance.

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